Project Future on Wheels

Diganta Maity, in Kolkata, has found that despite the success of the street projects, many children from the slums still get no education. March 2017, he got the idea of ​​bringing the school to the children instead of the children to the school. He present the plan with a video:

school on wheelspng

With a school bus designed as a classroom, teams go to the slums to teach. Because the children also get a meal after class, success is assured in advance.

Teaching on the streets or in a special Bus? What works better?LEENA-REACHING-OUT-TO-STREETKIDS-scaled-1-768x1024jpg

It starts with an Idea
  1. Why not bring the school to the kids?
  2. What is needed?
  3. We need a school on wheels and plan to work out:
  4. We need people that help fundraising
Great idea ! I want to help raising funds, contact me

Can we start?